A Hawaiian Kinda Vacation

We usually spend our summers in Lebanon, but this year decided to stay in Vegas and then take  a family trip towards the end of the summer..destination: Hawaii! So, I started my research for a child-friendly hotel and an itinerary for us. After much research, I realized most hotels didn’t have great pools so I [...]

A Laguna Beach Getaway

So it was my youngest daughter’s 4th birthday this past weekend and we decided NOT to have a party this year, but that we needed a relaxing family vacation! For those who may not know, we just moved earlier this year and even months before, the preparation of moving, kept us so busy and with [...]

Easter Photo Shoot

Happy Easter!!!! This is officially my 1st blog post, though I did post an introduction. I figured it would be appropriate to wish you all a blessed Easter and share some photos of my girls’ Easter photo shoot and what they wore for this holiday! As I mentioned in my bio, I am a mama of [...]