A Hawaiian Kinda Vacation

We usually spend our summers in Lebanon, but this year decided to stay in Vegas and then take  a family trip towards the end of the summer..destination: Hawaii! So, I started my research for a child-friendly hotel and an itinerary for us. After much research, I realized most hotels didn’t have great pools so I chose the Hilton Hawaiian Village http://www.hiltonhawaiianvillage.com/ based on photos and their website, thinking this is PERFECT for the kids! We arrived at 11:30am, checked in early, and by 3pm checked out! This place was crazy and so busy that my husband and I decided we had to leave! This is the shortest stay in the history of our travels, but there were more kids, more chaos and more headache than we could bare for the next week. Luckily, we spoke to the manager on duty, got a refund and drove our car around looking for a place to stay for the next week. After some quick online research and driving around we ended up booking the Moana Surfrider http://www.moana-surfrider.com/ It was located centrally on Kalakaua Avenue and so welcoming from its exterior (that you can see above) to the ladies greeting us with fresh Leis etc. Room was smaller than the Hilton but that didn’t matter because this was what we were looking for. The Moana has direct beach access, plenty of places to have breakfast, lunch and dinner either indoors or outdoors and a very welcoming vibe.

The girls were greeted with these beautiful fresh  Leis…they felt so Hawaiian
Beautiful view of the outside of the Moana Surfrider. Originally known as “The First Lady of Waikiki” this hotel was first opened in 1901. Located in the heart of Waikiki with a gorgeous exterior, perfect for pics!











So, we had a week in Oahu and honestly not too much planned but lots of suggestions from friends on things to do, things to eat and places to go…sooooooooo I’ll share some pics and make some recommendations in case you’re planning a trip there!

We took the kids to the Dole Plantation where they rode a train, saw the gardens of delicious fruit and completed the Pineapple garden maze. Afterwards, we even got to sample to fresh, delicious pineapples and get some yummy ice cream!


We drove to the North Shore one day and explored some of the beautiful beaches there and got to see huge turtles. The kids LOVED it!!!!
At the North Shore we had to stop at the famous Giovanni’s shrimp truck and try their shrimp plates!!!
The kids’ favorite part of the trip was snorkeling in beautiful Hanauma Bay and swimming among the different fish! Hanauma Bay is super child friendly allowing even my little ones to get under the water and explore the under the sea life (for the first time).

Oahu is known for its shave ice! Large enough to share yet so delicious, fruity and refreshing, this is one of the best beachside treats! We were addicted!!!!

Nothing like Waikiki Beach…the sand, the waves, the body boarding…enough to keep these kids entertained all day!!!!!! Unfortunately we couldn’t bring our boogie boards home with us so we gave them to another couple of kids to enjoy!!!!!


And enough to keep their mama enjoying the sand beneath my toes and the waves splashing. What a sight, what a sound and what a tan I got 🙂

So much to see and do…I was quite surprised! Kalakaua Avenue is a combo of the Vegas strip with a stunning beach/ocean. And most beautiful of all is the Oahu sunsets, I just couldn’t get enough of them. At the Moana, there was live music every night with a hula dancer for my girls to watch as we sat beachside watching the sunset or sat outside and grabbed a bite to eat. Loved Oahu and would definitely go back! Ive got a ton of pics and more things we did so if you’re heading there and want some more advice, go ahead and message me…these are just some highlights. ALOHA!


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