Happy Easter!!!! This is officially my 1st blog post, though I did post an introduction. I figured it would be appropriate to wish you all a blessed Easter and share some photos of my girls’ Easter photo shoot and what they¬†wore for this holiday! As I mentioned in my bio, I am a mama of 3 girls, and so though they are SO MUCH FUN to dress up, it becomes hard to finding matching outfits all the time. I searched everywhere for the perfect dresses and came up with 2 sets of outfits that I felt were adorable for them this year. First set of dresses they wore on Palm Sunday: My eldest’s dress is from Joyfolie and was a stunner on. So simple, yet so pretty and dainty. My middle daughter’s dress was from Dillards and was precious on. I struggled most with her dress as she’s in between sizes these days and nothing seemed to fit right. And my youngest, I ordered her dress from etsy, and it was just so sassy and beautiful on! Put them all together and what do you get? Picture perfect!!!!!