Hello and welcome to my page, by Amy Nassar. I wanted to first introduce myself….I’m a Lebanese, born and raised in the USA and currently living in Las Vegas, NV. As a mama of 3 beautiful girls and a working speech and language pathologist, I am very busy yet find it important, and LOVE to find time for fashion, beauty, and fun in my life. Life is busy, kids are a lot of work (though a blessing) and things can always find a way to get in the way of ME time. I don’t get too much of it but always manage to keep myself and my kiddos on the latest fashion trends, find time for some fun in my life and really ENJOY every moment of my life!

I DO work, SLP (speech and language pathologist) by day, currently working at a hospital in town. I am also ABD (all but dissertation) In my doctorate and will be doing A LOT of writing from now until the end of the year! Annnnnd, I am a part-time instructor at a local college in town. So, this is what constitutes my current career and my academic passions. However, there’s another side to me!

I’m a fashion lover, shopaholic, coffee addict, beauty chaser and life lover. I believe that even as busy moms and career women, it’s important to take care of us, to represent our style through our clothing/fashion and to enjoy life to the fullest, day by day.  So, through my blog, I hope to be an inspiration to other women/moms as I share my daily life’s journey with you and reach out and meet other women with similar passions and interests. Moms are a blessing from God and we have been awarded that title, but life doesn’t end with motherhood; rather it begins and is more beautiful as we can share our own lives with our precious kids/families!

Welcome to ME, keep following and I hope you love what you see!